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Why Chiesi?
We work with heartfelt power

Those who perform well should also have a lot of fun together. This comes naturally to us. Because the people who work here are awesome – not only at their jobs. Some say: "It rocks here".

The self-confidence that comes from the success of the company also strengthens this special form of heartfelt power. Everyone at our company can feel this: It is simply exciting to be Chiesi.


We live a culture of trust

Free space makes you successful. At least at Chiesi. And because free space requires trust, we enjoy a culture of self-realization. We know the goal, but we like to shape the path to it ourselves. Everyone on their own but always supported by functioning teams – without being pushy. We trust in us and we trust in each other.

Well-connected individualists. This is Chiesi.

We maintain the progressive foresight

Smart, fast, full power. We can do this because we keep an alert eye on what the future needs, where and how quickly we need to develop. Those who work at Chiesi must want that too. More specifically, this means, being able to rethink, adapt and approach things with positive energy.

This understanding of the employees at Chiesi is the basis for our past and ongoing success story. Our employees find with us the opportunity to unleash their full potential, develop themselves further and make a difference. In doing so, one thing is very important to us: authenticity!

For this reason, we have recruited our own employees for our "Voller Einsatz" (total commitment) photo campaign!

Decide. Do. Win.
Use your freedom.
Be Chiesi.