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Close professional exchange as well as trustful collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, have a beneficial impact on the quality of patient care. Alongside other EFPIA (European federation of pharmaceutical industries and associations) members, Chiesi is committed to the principle of transparency. At national level, the international transparency code is implemented by the association ‘Arzneimittel und Kooperation im Gesundheitswesen’ (AKG e.V.), of which we are a part.

This set of regulations proposes to report certain payments on our company website. In doing so, all transfers of value provided to healthcare professionals - distinguished individually and broken down into four categories - will be disclosed. These may include consultancy and scientific services, speaking engagements as well as the assumption of travel and accommodation costs.

Healthcare organizations are particularly compensated for the sponsorships of events, as well as research and development. These include such areas as clinical investigations, non-clinical trials or non-interventional studies. Transactions in this area are published on an aggregate basis. For this purpose, please visit www.chiesi.com.

The reporting of donations takes place on an annual basis, regularly by the end of June for the previous year. We take it for granted to observe all current legislation when collecting, processing and using personal details. Invoices for the respective year that are to be send to us by the end of February of the following year, will be considered retroactively.

Chiesi appreciates the EFPIA Disclosure Code. Nevertheless, a publication of compensations in individualized form only takes place with an explicit consent from the healthcare professional. Should you not wish to give your consent for an individual disclosure the numbers will be published anonymously on an aggregated level. Furthermore, there is always the possibility to revoke your permission via fax or email. The maximum processing time will be seven days.

In this way, Chiesi is able to meet the increasing social requirements and high standards of integrity.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via

fax +49 40 89724 416 or

email transparenz.de@chiesi.com.

More detailed information can be found at www.ak-gesundheitswesen.de/transparenzregel/ 

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