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Anti-bribery Policy

The Chiesi Group pursues a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption in relation to working alongside each business partner. It directs its business activities in accordance with the principles of fairness, honesty, transparency and integrity. Furthermore, relevant national and international laws, regulations, standards and guidelines must be observed.The anti-corruption guidelines serve to convey to each employee and also to each representative of Chiesi general principles on how to identify corruption incidents when dealing with business partners in every sector, and how these incidents can be avoided, dealt with and combatted.

Chiesi, in particular, forbids Chiesi People and Business Partners

  • from offering, promising, giving, paying – or authorizing somebody to offer, promise, give or pay –, directly or indirectly, an economic advantage or any other benefit in favour of a Public Officer or third party (“active bribery”); or

  • from accepting a request or solicitation – or authorizing someone to accept a request or solicitation – concerning an economic advantage or any other benefit from a Public Officer or third party (“passive bribery”);

when such activities are aimed at

  • inducing or influencing a Public Officer to carry out, in an improper manner, any public function or to realize an official act (or an omission) or to take any further decision by infringing a public duty; or

  • compensating the same Public Officer for the fulfilment of a public duty; or

  • inducing or influencing a third party (including Chiesi People) to carry out any activity related to a business: (i) by infringing the duties pertaining to the private office held or (ii) for the purpose of obtaining an improper business and/or a competitive advantage; or

  • in any case, violating applicable laws.

 Chiesi GmbH’s anti-corruption guidelines can be found here.