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Code of Conduct Chiesi Group

The Chiesi Company acts according to ethical principles: We want to strengthen our values and base our activities on this particular value system. The observance to these values enables us to operate successfully in business, to protect our society and environment and to develop our partners´ trust.

We believe that ethical values should be active and present in every action and that research, production, marketing, sales and administration can only be implemented with an appropriate degree of ethics, especially on levels of higher responsibility.

We pay attention to legal compliance, fairness, integrity, responsibility and transparency. We are convinced that a high level of responsibility under consideration of ethical principles and acting within the law are the pillars of our reputation and our success.

The Chiesi Group has adopted the Code of Ethics & Conduct intending to make these principles a goal of every single employee. The Code of Ethics & Conduct has been introduced in all subsidiaries, such as Germany.

These behavioural patterns are the measure of the actions of the Chiesi GmbH. Here are the guidelines of the Chiesi Group.