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Asche Basis®

Lotion, cream, ointment or fatty ointment with different active ingredients and varying fat and water content.


For dry and sensitive skin, combination skin or oily skin

Asche Basis® Cream 50 ml,        PZN 02134437

Asche Basis®  Cream 100 ml       PZN 02134443

Asche Basis® Cream 1,000 ml    PZN 02134466  


For dry to very dry skin, not for use with oily skin or in the case of acute skin inflammations

Asche Basis® Ointment 50 ml   PZN 02134489

Asche Basis® Ointment 100 ml PZN 02134495


For damaged skin and for chronically dry, cracked skin

Asche Basis® Fatty ointment 50 ml        PZN 02134503

Asche Basis® Fatty ointment 100 ml      PZN 02134526


Body care after bath or shower

Asche Basis® Lotion 200 ml        PZN 03549689

  • Asche Basis® – a dermatological product developed for daily body care and for maintaining healthy skin

  • The right basic care regime for every skin type

  • Versatile and with its traditional and constant good quality

  • You can find information about formulas using Asche Basis® products and analysis certificates here.