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From cells to packaging, the Chiesi Group’s new Biotech Center of Excellence brings the future of medicine to Parma

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Date: 28/11/2022

On 21 November the Chiesi pharmaceutical group celebrated in Parma the “Start of Work” on the Biotech Center of Excellence, the new Italian and international center of excellence for the development and production of biologic drugs.

The Center, which will become fully operational in 2024, projecting itself into the future of medicine, will specialise in the development and production of the active ingredients of monoclonal antibodies (produced through recombinant DNA techniques starting from a single type of immune cell), enzymes and other proteins. From cells to the finished drug and packaging for the global market, attracting talent and technical skills to Italy that are crucial to further developing the specialised expertise already present in the country.

The creation of the Biotech Center of Excellence is Chiesi’s response to the challenges highlighted by the pandemic, which revealed a need to improve the resilience of the healthcare system, including improvements in sustainability. Today, only 22% of all new treatments developed worldwide originate in European countries, and this is partly caused by slower growth in R&D investment across the region.

“Today, we are proud to present this new center of excellence in the presence of local, regional, and national institutions. For Chiesi, it has always been essential to invest in research with the goal of making our country, and Europe, a leader in production and access to innovation. Moreover, the new Biotech Center represents a strong message of growth for Italy and for the Parma community in particular, where Chiesi was established and where its headquarters are still based,” commented Alberto Chiesi, President of the Chiesi Group.

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