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Our aim is to keep on growing and strengthening our competitive capacity. To achieve this, our two-pronged growth strategy focuses not just on in-house research but also cooperation with strong partners. Our primary concern is and remains providing patients with fast access to the latest pharmaceutical products, particularly in the areas of respiratory diseases, neonatology and rare diseases. As such, we are constantly on the lookout for new partners and opportunities.


We are most interested in products and technologies that offer patients additional demonstrable, therapeutic benefits over existing therapies.


Our partnerships extend not only to the purchase and sale of products, but also licensing rights (licensing in and out) and co-marketing and co-promotion. Our marketing and sales staff have a great deal of experience in such collaborative work and understand how to achieve a win-win result – something that we do time and again with outstanding results. We don’t judge a company based on its size – we work with small manufacturers of niche products as well as global players.